Biography of Bianca Anchieta

Birthday: 1990-02-20 Constellation: Pisces Height: 162 Weight: 50 KG Measurements: B86(D) W58 H89 Birth: Brasilia, Brazil Occupation: Fitness Model Interests: Sports, fitness

Bianca Anchieta (Bianca Anchieta), a popular Brazilian fitness model and social network celebrity, was born in Brasilia. She put a lot of fitness pictures on IG and gained high popularity. At present, fans have broken through 3000000.

Biography of Bianca Anchieta

Biography of Bianca Anchieta

Biography of Bianca Anchieta

Bianca Anchieta, a popular Internet celebrity in Brazil, wears a bikini, and she can see whether she is in good shape or not, and she did not disappoint~

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